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Banking Law in Slovakia

Banking Law in Slovakia

Updated on Wednesday 22nd February 2017

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Banking-Law-in-Slovakia.jpgFrom the beginning, we remind that the privileges and interests of the commercial banks in Slovakia are entirely protected by the Commercial Bank Law in the country, which implies also the overseas investors or citizens with particular activities in the country.
The banks in Slovakia are able to offer payment services, extend loans and receive money deposits from all kinds of citizens and company established in Slovakia. Complete information and legal assistance about how to open a bank account as a natural person or as a legal representative of a company can be obtained from our Slovak solicitors.

Provisions stipulated in the Commercial Bank Law in Slovakia

The commercial banks in Slovakia offer wide-ranging and interesting financial services for all citizens in the country, and here we remind the following:
•    accept money deposits from any citizen who lives in Slovakia;
•    offer national and international payment services;
•    are in charge of the money transfers or transactions abroad;
•    deal with government bonds if necessary.
As a general rule for all banks worldwide, we remind that the financial institutes in Slovakia will always consider the impartiality, the honesty, and the parity when dealing with the public or with entrepreneurs from abroad, offering complete protection for all depositors. It is good to know that our lawyers in Slovakia can provide you with legal advice related to the taxation system in the country. There are many taxes you need to consider if you want to register a company in Slovakia.

The Banking Law in Slovakia protects the depositors

One should know that if he owns a bank account in Slovakia, the financial institution where he deposited the money will consider the important rules related to the freedom of withdrawal and deposits. The same bodies can decline a particular bank account investigation asked by other institutions if there are no provisions stipulated in this matter by the baking law of Slovakia.
Please feel free to contact our law firm in Slovakia if you want more details about the Banking Law in the country or if you need legal services for your company or on other aspects.


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