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Why Start a Tech Business in Slovakia?

Why-Start-a-Tech-Business-in-Slovakia.jpgSlovakia provides many business opportunities to foreign investors who are interested in this market. One of the most developed industries in Slovakia is the technology field, which employs a workforce with a high level of expertise. Tech businesses can offer a wide area of services to its end customers, from tech assistance to various mobile device applications and many others.
At the moment, the Slovakian market provides many legal advantages and it is important to know that starting from 1st of January 2017, the local authorities will introduce a new type of company, called simple joint stock company, which is recommended for tech start-ups; our team of Slovakian lawyers can offer more details about the legal aspects concerning this new entity. 

Reasons to start a Slovakian tech company  

When opening a new company in Slovakia it is recommended to assess the main advantages of the economic field in which the businessmen will invest. The local market offers a workforce with a high degree of specialization, able to speak in many foreign languages, such as English, Spanish, French and German. 
Large multinational corporations providing tech services and products are represented on the local market by very well-known companies. 
The internet coverage is good and updated with the latest technologies and all the mobile phone operators in Slovakia provide 4G services; our team of Slovakian attorneys can offer more details in this sense. 


Slovakian environment for tech businesses  

The local tech market is starting to develop, as more and more entrepreneurs are interested to set their operations in this field. Bratislava is the main centre for the establishment of such companies, where businessmen are encouraged to discuss ideas related to this industry. 
Businesses set up in the tech industry can also receive assistance from the Startup Awards, an entity which aims at promoting innovative companies
Those who want to receive more details about the tech industry in Slovakia can address to our Slovakian law firm for legal assistance.  


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