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Open a Business in Slovakia

Open a Business in Slovakia

Updated on Wednesday 09th December 2015

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How easy is it to set up a business in Slovakia?

The process of company incorporation in Slovakia can be time consuming and requires several steps. That is the reason why it’s advisable to contact a law firm, that will take all the measures in order to finish the registration process with success. A point in favor for the Slovak authorities is that all the documents necessary for obtaining the trade licenses, income tax registration and health insurance company can be deposit at the one stop shop. The process takes around five working days. The whole process of company incorporation of a Slovakian legal entity takes around two weeks.

How easy is to hire personnel in Slovakia?

It is advisable to hire an employment agency in order to find suitable candidates for the vacant places in the company. Another option in order to find appropriate personnel in Slovakia is to use the websites specialized in finding candidates. 

What are the main points of interest for foreign investors?

The main sector that supports Slovakia's economy is the automobile manufacturing industry. Major automobile manufacturers have opened branches here, managing to rise every year the Slovak GDP by exports made mostly in the European countries. Other industries which are important for the Slovak economy are the engineering, chemical, pharmaceutical and printing industry.
The main act regulating the foreign investments in Slovakia is the Act on Investment Incentives No. 565/2001. The investors are advised to contact the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency in order to find the most suitable type of business for them. According to this act, various exemptions and grants are offered to the foreign investors, depending on the type of investment made in Slovakia. If you want to know more about the legislation on foreign investments, you may ask for the help of our Slovak solicitors.

What are the advantages of a holding company in Slovakia?

Slovakia is enjoying an advantageous fiscal regime, the profits being taxed with only 19%. Owning a holding company in Slovakia is considered advantageous by the foreign entities mostly because of the special regime the legal entities are enjoying here. For example, the dividends paid by Slovak companies to shareholders and dividends paid by Slovak Holding companies to resident shareholders are not subject to withholding tax. The interests and royalties withholding taxes can be minimized or exempt by the provisions of the many double tax treaties signed all over the years by Slovakia.


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