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Why Invest in Slovakia?

Why Invest in Slovakia?

Updated on Monday 27th February 2017

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why-invest-in-slovakia.JPGSlovakia is located in Central Europe, being surrounded by European states from all sides. The country has more than 49,000 square meters, being one of the largest in the European Union. Foreign investors who are interested in opening a company in Slovakia can take advantage of this geographic location, since the country offers quick and easy access to major business centers in the European Union. This way, they can develop their business activities with great ease.

Special incentives for foreign investors in Slovakia

In order to encourage the foreign investments in the country, the Slovak government put in place an extremely friendly tax system. According to this tax system, foreign companies in Slovakia are charged with a flat tax rate of 19%, which is the same actually for local businesses.
Secondly, our solicitors in Slovakia remind you that foreign investors are motivated to invest in Slovakia since they can take advantage of the financial aids offered by the local government. These aids consist of finances of approximately 20% to 50% of the entire investment project, depending on each business.
Also, foreign investors are entirely free to set up industrial premises in Slovakia and effectuate commercial activities. Our lawyers in Slovakia can offer more details on this matter.

Other reasons why you should invest in Slovakia

Among other reasons why you should invest in Slovakia, our solicitors in Slovakia would like to mention:
A market of 350 million potential customers;
One of the most advantageous business environments in the CEE region. Our Slovak lawyers can offer more details on this matter;
CEE leader in labor productivity;
A wide variety of industrial land and offices which are ready to be bought or leased;
Great telecommunication infrastructure;
Modern rail services for passengers and freight;
Trans-European water transportation through the Danube;
Political and economic stability;
EU member since 2004;
Member of the Schengen zone;
Euro currency.
If you would like to find out more reasons why you should invest in Slovakia, or if you need legal assistance in this country, please get in touch with our law firm in Slovakia.


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