Economic Growth Registered in Slovakia in Q4 2016


Slovakia recovered quite fast the settled GDP for 2016, in the last quarter of the year, due to foreign and local demands. With strong investments and low use of EU funds, Slovakia was above expectations. The same situation seems to develop this year, according to specialists in the international economy. If you are interested in investing in Slovakia or you want to open a company in the country, you can solicit information and guidelines from our Slovak lawyers.

Economic Overview of Slovakia


The Slovakian economy increased with 3.7% in the second quarter of the current year, according to studies published in August, with numerous profitable industries.

Why Start a Tech Business in Slovakia?


Slovakia provides many business opportunities to foreign investors who are interested in this market. One of the most developed industries in Slovakia is the technology field, which employs a workforce with a high level of expertise. Tech businesses can offer a wide area of services to its end customers, from tech assistance to various mobile device applications and many others. At the moment, the Slovakian market provides many legal advantages and it is important to know that starting from 1st of January 2017, the local authorities will introduce a new type of company, called simple joint stock company, which is recommended for tech start-ups; our team of Slovakian lawyers can offer more details about the legal aspects concerning this new entity. 

Tourism Industry, Developing at a Fast Pace in Slovakia

Those who are looking for a great holiday location or those who want to invest in the field of tourism should take into consideration Slovakia, which has become in the last years an important touristic destination. It is important to know that the total number of tourists increased in 2015 by 16% compared with the previous year, reaching to 4,3 million visitors. According to the Slovak Tourist Board, the number of tourists visiting Slovakia in 2016 may increase by 10%. Our team of lawyers can assist persons interested in the tourist market in Slovakia, by providing general information on this field or by assisting investors to establish their business presence in the tourism industry.