Divorce in Slovakia

Divorce in Slovakia

Updated on Thursday 09th March 2017

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divorce-in-slovakia.jpgThe family legislation in this country provides the legal framework for the divorce procedures in Slovakia that apply when a couple does not intend to continue a marriage any longer. Our law firm in Slovakia can provide you with the specific information on this matter. 

General information about divorce in Slovakia

In Slovakia, a divorce can be obtained only through a court. A court of law could dissolve a marriage after the person in question files a petition, if the relationship between the two marriage partners are permanently and significantly broken. The court then institutes the causes of the relationship impairment, considering them when making the decision on the divorce. When doing so, the court deliberates the best interests of any minor dependents.

Divorce petition in Slovakia

As stated above, a divorce in Slovakia has to be initiated with a petition for divorce. Both marriage partners can agree together to file such a petition, in which case one partner is called the petitioner and the other – the respondent. Such a petition can also be filed without the agreement of the two marriage partners. 
A marriage can be dissolved through a divorce even if the couple has minor dependents. In this case, there has to be a compulsory definition of custody for the minor dependents. 
The divorce petition in Slovakia has to be written in a precise, clear fashion. It is advisable to consult one of our Slovak lawyers before formulating it to avoid all the common errors.

Legal consequences of a divorce in Slovakia

The legal consequences of a divorce in Slovakia involve:
Renouncing the spouse’s surname;
Division of the couple’s property;
The rights and duties of the parents in regards to any minor dependents;
An obligation to sustain for the other spouse’s living expenses: in case a divorced partner is unable to provide for himself or herself.
Our lawyers in Slovakia can offer more details on the legal consequences of a divorce in this country and what they actually involve.
If you are interested in filing for divorce in Slovakia, we can assist you with all the legal aspects of this procedure. Please contact our solicitors in Slovakia