Residence Permit in Slovakia - 2021 Procedure

Obtain a Residence Permit in Slovakia

Updated on Monday 15th November 2021

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obtain a residence permit in Slovakia.jpgForeigners who wish to stay in the country have to apply and obtain a residence permit in Slovakia. A residence permit is a document that shows proof that an individual is legally allowed to stay in Slovakia.
The Law on Residence of Aliens and Amendment Supplementation of Certain Acts governs the residence permits of foreigners desiring to stay in Slovakia. Residence permits in Slovakia can either be temporary or permanent, depending on the purpose and duration of stay in the country. Certain requirements have to be complied with before a residence permit is granted. Our law firm in Slovakia has assisted many clients with regard to their residence permits.
We are at the service of all those interested in applying for a Slovakia residence permit.

Who can qualify to immigrate to Slovakia and obtain a residence permit?

Foreign citizens moving to Slovakia and seeking to obtain a temporary residence permit in Slovakia can qualify for temporary stays in the country if one of the following is met:
  • he or she has entered Slovakia based on a visa (this requirement applies to non-EU citizens);
  • he or she has entered the country based on an EU visa (this is also an option for non-EU citizens);
  • he or she has obtained a tolerated residence certificate in accordance with the Slovak law.
In the case of EU and EEA citizens, no visa is required to enter Slovakia and these citizens are not subject to requirements for a temporary residence permit in Slovakia
When it comes to Slovakia permanent residence, the conditions change and apply to both EU and non-EU citizens, as it follows:
  • foreign citizens who are married to Slovak citizens or permanent residence permit holders in Slovakia;
  • children born abroad but who have at least one Slovak citizen as a parent;
  • minor children of Slovakia permanent residence permit holders who have lived in Slovakia for at least 5 years;
  • investor can also obtain Slovak residence permits if they make a significant contribution to the economy.
If you are interested in moving to Slovakia and obtaining permanent residence, our law firm is at your disposal with tailored services.
Our lawyers can also help you apply for a divorce in Slovakia.

Immigrating to Slovakia from EU countries

Slovakia welcomes citizens coming to work and investors interested in doing business here from everywhere in the world. However, it is easier for EU citizens to move to Slovakia and apply for residence permits as the procedure implies no entry visa.
Once arrived in Slovakia, a citizen of an EU member state needs to register with the local authorities and then start working (if he or she has made arrangements in this sense prior to entering the country), seek for employment, or start one’s own business.
Applying for a Slovakia residence permit as an EU citizen is not difficult and requires presenting the following documents with the local police department in the region the immigrant has moved to.
The documents to file are:
  1. a duly completed application form (it is issued the office where the registration takes place);
  2. two color photographs (one of them will be placed on the residency card);
  3. the passport which must be valid at the time the application is made;
  4. the proof of residence (the employment contract or another justificative document);
  5. a certificate police indicating a clean criminal record;
  6. proof of accommodation (a rental agreement or property title);
  7. proof of financial sustenance (bank account statement or payslip).

At the time of the application, the documents cannot be more than 90 days older. Our lawyer can guide those interested in moving to the country and obtaining Slovakia permanent residence.

Those who relocate for employment purposes will also need to register with the Slovak Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family.

We are at your service if you need guidance in obtaining a Slovakia residence permit.

Moving to Slovakia from the UK

The UK, an ex-EU country, has many citizens living abroad and after the conclusion of Brexit, a large portion of them decide to move to other EU countries in order to retain their benefits as EU residents.
The good news is that for those who have already obtained residence permits in Slovakia or other EU states do not need to go through any other procedure in order to enter the country. For those who are now considering relocation, the procedure will apply just as in the case of non-EU citizens who need to obtain entry visas and then residence permits.
Moving and obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia is not difficult, as the procedure is straightforward from a legal point of view, however, our lawyers are at your service in order to help you ensure a smooth relocation process.

Temporary residence permit in Slovakia

Only those foreigners with valid travel documents are allowed to apply and are granted a temporary residence permit in Slovakia. Temporary residence permits are only valid throughout the duration of the purpose of the stay of the individual. Temporary residence permits are also issued only for specific purposes and each has a definite duration. Even if a foreigner has been granted a temporary residence permit for one purpose, if another activity is undertaken, a separate residence permit must be obtained for that activity. These are the purposes listed down by our Slovak lawyers:
1. Business – three years;
2. Employment – two years;
3. Studies – six years;
4. Special activity – two years;
5. Research and development -  two years;
6. Family reunion – five years;
7. Performance of service obligations – five years;
8. Blue card holders of the European Union – three years.
If you want to relocate to Slovakia in 2021, our lawyers can present the updated procedure. The Slovakia residence permit is not difficult to obtain with the help of our lawyers.

Long-term residence and permanent residence in Slovakia

There is a difference between a long-term residence permit in Slovakia and permanent residency, as the latter enables an applicant to relocate here on an indefinite period of time. The following need to be considered in this sense:
  • long-term residence is available for foreign citizens who have lived in Slovakia for 5 uninterrupted years;
  • long-term residency is also available for persons who are EU residence card holders for at least 5 years;
  • permanent residence is can be obtained for those how have had long-term residence permits for 5 years and have lived 4 years in Slovakia based on them.
If you are interested in applying for a Slovakia residence permit, you can count on our immigration lawyers.

Slovakia residence permit in 2021

If a foreign individual is granted a permanent residence permit in Slovakia in 2021, that person is allowed to reside, leave, and re-enter the country within the time allowed by the police department, the entity in charge of regulating the entry and exit of foreign individuals. The initial duration of validity of a permanent residence permit is five years but can later be extended to an unlimited duration if all requirements under the Law on Residence of Aliens and Amendment Supplementation of Certain Acts are complied with. Our lawyers in Slovakia can give you legal advice on how to obtain a permanent residence permit.
We can also assist those interested in Slovakia permanent residence.


Steps in applying for a residence permit in Slovakia in 2021

Foreign individuals who want to apply for Slovak residency in 2021 must complete a few steps which generally include choosing a type of permit and preparing the documents they need to file with the Immigration Authorities. Among these, the valid passport and information about the reason to relocate here will need to be presented.
At the level of 2021, the procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia can be completed online with the support of our lawyers. They will present all the information you need to know and will also help you prepare and file the documents for immigration. Also, if you have any questions, you can send them to our specialists.
There are legal steps that need to be taken if you want to obtain a residence permit in Slovakia. Just get in touch with our law firm in Slovakia and have our associates help you with the process.