The Minimum Share Capital in Slovakia

The Minimum Share Capital in Slovakia

Updated on Tuesday 09th February 2016

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The-minimum-share-capital-in-SlovakiaOpening a company in Slovakia

Slovakia attracts a great number of foreign investors interested in opening companies in this country every year. The registration procedure is not complicated provided that the enterpriser is acquainted with the requirements for establishing a company in Slovakia. Most of them request the legal assistance of a Slovak law firm before starting a business here as it reduces significantly the amount of the time spent with the incorporation procedure and allows to start operating as soon as possible. Here is what one needs to know in order to open a company Slovakia:

  • -          there are several types of companies to be registered in Slovakia;
  • -          certain types of structures require a minimum share capital;
  • -          companies require at least one shareholder and a director.

Among all these requirements, knowing what the minimum share capital is needed to start a company in Slovakia is very important as it establishes the amount to be initially invested in the business.

What is the share capital of a Slovak company?

As mentioned above, the share capital is the amount one can start a company with in Slovakia. There are two types of businesses requiring a minimum share capital in Slovakia:

  • -          the limited liability company;
  • -          the joint stock company.

The share capital is deposited by the shareholders or the subscribers of the business in exchange for shares in the company, according to the Slovak Commercial Law. The issued share capital is the total value of the shares issued by the company. The share capital of a Slovak company can be altered by increasing or decreasing its value.

What is the minimum share capital to start a company in Slovakia?

Foreign investors setting up a limited liability company in Slovakia must deposit a share capital of 5,000 euros. Each member must contribute with at least 750 euros. Before the application for registration with the Slovak Trade Register is submitted, the minimum share capital to be deposited must reach 2,500 euros.

Joint stock companies require a minimum share capital of 25,000 euros. At least 30% of the joint stock company’s share capital must be paid before the incorporation.

If you need assistance with the company registration procedure, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers in Slovakia.